Stones Of Gaia

Stones Of Gaia is a simple addictive puzzle game
wrapped in a mystery and beautiful 3D world.
Your job is to move colored stones by finger swiping.
The goal is to put each stone on its final position.
The challenge is that the stones are moving together.
Are you ready to play? Download and start solving puzzles now!

Now i will tell you a story from the past
A Forgotten Tale, Buried by time and dust
Only Shadows are Wandering there,
Convinced of their endless stay
How many years ago it was
No one ever knows
Only ancient woods saw
At dead of night whispering slow

Behind Cold Mountains and deep hollows,
through gloomy forests full of sorrows
There was magical land beneath the sun
And queen Gaia, wise ruler of majesty realm
She had four children in the cradle
And gave each of them a rattle
First child got light and flame, next had the  river insane
Third picked wind for fun, and mistletoe from garden calm

Time flew, nothing stood the same
Darkest power rose, spreading  plague and pain
Destroying everything with its black flame
Lord Dauru, Immortal shadow of night realm
Would take all world under his reign
With unholy legions as obedient servanthood
Born from swamps with their  Lord they stood
They were never free, cursed for eternity
No life, No light, in search for blood and sanity

Unholy spirit everywhere, nor any place to turn away,
All around turned darker and decayed
But only kingdom of Gaia stayed
As the Legions lost their way.
Dauru called the dragon from deep inside
Where the fire and the darkness lied
A Creature with ten flamy eyes, watching through thousand miles
To find four stones of Gaia, and live the kingdom in fire

After many days of severe war
Fighting with the dragon through fire and horror
Everything ruined, nothing left to die for
Everyone runs to forest, not to come back anymore
Dragon took the stone powers
And flied back to the dark towers
To keep the stones far from folks
Behind the huge doors with thousand locks

No one could get there
Nobody had power here

Team Member

Hayk Hakobyan

Lead Developer
Team Member

Vahagn Tarakhchyan

Game Designer

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